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Aftercare Facilities:


Aftercare is an extension of the school day. A fun-packed and secure environment is provided by the aftercare facilities. The facilities are available immediately after school from Monday to Friday during the school term.



The school day ends at 12:30. From 12:30 to 14:30 the children are expected to rest or sleep until 14:30. Thereafter the children receive a nutritious afternoon snack and they are supervised during their afternoon outdoor play time until 17:30. Aftercare fees are included in the normal monthly school fee.


Primary School

The official school day ends at 13:30. From 13:30 to 14:00.  The children who have signed up with aftercare receive a nutritious lunch. Due to the fact that we have adopted a no homework policy for a trial period of 2017, the children then go into an enrichment hour during which time they read for half an hour and play educational games for half an hour.  Aftercare fees are charged separately and do not form part of the normal monthly school fee.

They are then assisted with their homework by trained aftercare assistants. There after they engage in constructive activities which are supervised until 17:30pm. Extra-curricular activities are available for aftercare children.

(Please note that for children who are not registered for the aftercare facility, the school does not provide ongoing oversight and will not be responsible for their safekeeping beyond the normal school day.)

Hatfield North Christian Academy

Hatfield North Christian Academy