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Welcome to Hatfield North Christian Academy


The focus at HNCA: Our school environment is safe, fun and conducive to learning. We are fully aware that learners spend more hours of their day at school than they do at home with their family. Due to this fact, school life portrays what real life is to our learners and we want them to experience life, love and learning in a very healthy way. Our school is Christ-centred. All HNCA learners, no matter how young they are, learn about Jesus and are encouraged to have a personal relationship with Him.

Learning at HNCA: Our motto ‘Leaners Today, Leaders Tomorrow’ is the focus of our teaching., We are raising a generation of independent thinkers, who find answers to problems and strive to make a difference. Thus, our CAPS curriculum is taught in an IEB manner, enabling learners to be proactive and independent thinkers.

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Hatfield North Christian Academy

Hatfield North Christian Academy