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Welcome to Hatfield North Christian Academy

We are a private, independent school situated in Theresa Park, Pretoria North. The school was founded as an extension of the ministry of the Hatfield Christian Church North into the community, to provide quality education and to support and journey with families and children from Pre-primary all the way through the Primary School phase.

Children dream of their future and rightly so! Each child is uniquely created and purposefully driven to change the world, a world far greater than the one they were given. We at HNCA strive to see each child grow and reach their full potential, having an intrinsic desire to study to reach their goals,  whilst being confident, well-mannered, well-behaved and passionate to fulfil their purpose in God.

Our core values are Christian based , built upon the Word of God , while being interlinked and collaborated with the best possible curriculums to produce an environment of excellence, growth and the advancement of young, developing minds.

Teachers are at the core of this dynamic institution, while we maintain a child to teacher ratio of 24 to 2. Constant training and evaluation ensures that our teachers are well equipped to provide learners with the best education possible.

All staff and children gather weekly in Chapel time to worship, pray and learn more about God. We believe that spiritual growth gives meaning to intellectual, emotional and physical endeavours. This pursuit continues in the classroom context on a daily basis.

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Hatfield North Christian Academy

Hatfield North Christian Academy