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We have a wide variety of Co-curriculum activities for the benefit of the children. These enhance their interests and facilitate growth. We encourage each child to participate in these activities wherever possible. These activities are outsourced to third party service providers. Most of them take place on the school premises under the guidance of our teachers. These activities are optional and are provided at an additional fee over and above the annual school fees.


Contact Person: Annette & Andri 012 460 2064/ 082 805 2799

Inhabit Music College

Contact Person: JP Kotzé 012 542 9000/ 082 385 7936

Romero Swimming school

Contact Person: Charmaine & Mandi 012 549 1661/ 083 381 5866

Computer on Wheels

Contact Person: Elmarie 012 542 1551

Play Ball

Contact Person: Simoné Wolmarans 072 147 0088

Action Ball

Contact Person: Elmarie 072 517 8479

C- Maths

Contact Person: Telishia 083 650 7888

Miki Mathematics

Contact Person: Maphiri 072 462 9676

Young Engineers

Contact Person: Louis Martins 083 294 4643

*These extra-mural activities are subject to change on a yearly basis

Hatfield North Christian Academy

Hatfield North Christian Academy