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The Preschool strives to create and foster a warm, fun-filled and nurturing environment. We learn through play, discovery, experimenting and hands on experiences. We encourage creativity, thinking for oneself and the use of the child’s imagination. First steps towards independence start from an early age.

Every term has a week on week planner with a theme, shape, number and colour. This allows us to broaden the scope of what each child learns daily and also allows the parent to tutor the child on the relevant topic.

The school curriculum includes time for Bible and Worship, Maths, Literacy, Music and Movement and Art to name but a few elements. The school is open from 06:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday. We are closed during the school holidays. Preschool children must be at school by no later than 08:00 every morning. We have a busy, purpose-filled timetable and it is in the child’s best interest not to miss any classes.

There are two to three classes per age group, each cared for by a qualified teacher and trained assistant teacher.

The classes are divided into the following age groups:

  • 2 turning 3 (Toddlers) – important to note, the child needs to be potty trained.
  • 3 turning 4 (Grade 000)
  • 4 turning 5 (Grade 00)

There are no more than 16 children per class.

We serve healthy meals for our children – this includes breakfast, lunch and snacks in between. You need not pack any lunch or any snacks. (If your child has any allergies, you would need to let us know so that the kitchen staff and the school teachers are aware of this).

All of our playgrounds are astroturfed, which assists children with allergies to be able to participate in outdoor activities. Our parent / child fund raising efforts have focussed on completing these play areas.

The Preschool day ends at 12:30. From 12:30 to 14:30 the children are expected to rest or sleep. Thereafter the children receive a nutritious afternoon snack and they are supervised during their afternoon outdoor play time at aftercare until 17:30.

Primary School

In terms of the school curriculum, the approach of our academic programme is outcome and skills based. This is achieved by developing a wide variety of problem solving skills as well as analytical and creative thinking skills.

The small class size, as well as a trained assistant teacher with a child ratio of 24 to 2, provides an optimal environment for engagement in the class room. This facilitates superior education and stimulation that propels all pupils to cognitive, emotional and spiritual advancement.

There are two classes per age group, 24 per class, with a qualified teacher and a trained assistant teacher directing each class.

Currently the classes are divided into the following groups

  • 5 turning 6 ( Grade R)
  • 6 turning 7 ( Grade 1)
  • 7 turning 8 ( Grade 2)
  • 8 turning 9 (Grade 3)
  • Grade 4 coming soon.

We have also partnered with an experienced and well-qualified team of therapists. This team works alongside the teachers and parents to enable each child to overcome barriers to learning. They offer assistance on the school premises.

In order to encourage and maintain the holistic development of each child, the sports department takes pride in motivating children to participate in sport in order to continually enhance their physical development as well as improve certain life skills such as respect, integrity and sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle, social development and leadership abilities.

Sports offered by the school currently include:

 SoccerIcon  CricketIcon  Netball  TennisIcon  ChessIcon




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